Cork Fabric for Crafts


    No trees are cut off or damaged to obtain cork. Each cork oak lives on average between 150 and 200 years and cork harvest takes place in cycles of 9.


    Cork is also incredibly wear-resistant and has a high coefficient of friction. Thanks to its honeycomb structure, it is less affected by impact and friction than hard materials.


    Like a feather
    So light it floats. More than 50% of the volume of cork is air. Yes, air. Cork weighs only 0.16g per cubic centimetre.


    There’s no animal involved on the cork peeling process. It is a natural process animal cruelty free. In fact, they support a unique and fragile ecology that constitutes a habitat for rare or endangered species like the Iberian Lynx.


    Resists moisture and is waterproof.

    The walls of cork cells are coated with suberin and ceroids, properties that make it practically impervious to liquids and gases. That's why it keeps the precious wine inside the bottles.

  • SOFT

    It is extremely soft to the touch.
    Anyone who's ever had a piece of cork in their hand knows exactly what we're talking about and it's one of the most exciting aspects of this amazing material.


    Due to their impermeability, cork items are very easy to clean. Just a damp cloth and a neutral PH detergent like soap to do the job. The quality and beauty of cork is guaranteed regardless of the number of times the product is washed.


    According to PETA, just like humans, animals can feel pain and have the will to live their own lives. So they are not there to be used. No animals are used on the collection or crafting of cork products.


    It is estimated that every year cork oak forests retain up to 14 million tons of CO2. They are a precious help in reducing and reverse greenhouse gases, the main source of climate change. Peeled cork oak trees retain 5 times more CO2 than other trees.

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