Our Story

 Our Story

Made of Cork is  the result of the merge of Cork Crafts, (created by Vasco Carto in 2017) and Cork Art (created by us, the Gomes family, in May 2021).

Made of Cork is a family business, located in Ireland,. We provide fashionable products made of cork fabric from cork oak trees.

A perfect alternative to leather, our beautiful products are Peta approved, sustainable, vegan, ethical and can reverse climate change.

​In the middle of a Covid-19 lockdown, the world changed.
The way people conduct their life's and their businesses changed.
​For so many of us the contact with Nature become necessary and essential for wellbeing and emotional balance.
​It was by chance, by helping a friend, that this gift from mother Nature came to our life and at that moment, made perfect sense to be the ambassadors of cork in Ireland.

We are Paulo, Marcia and little Axel Gomes.